Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lily Collins is a woman of many talents - an actress, model, journalist and an undeniable style princess. 
Whether she is wandering around Beverly Hills in a slogan shirt and casual jeans, or being photographed on the red carpet in a designer dress and heels get up, Lily always manages to have her style completely on point and look effortlessly stunning.
Being only 24, Lily manages to keep the balance between being fashionable and classy perfectly balanced.
A definite style crush for me, i'm not sure whether i'd have her wardrobe or her looks if I ever got the choice...i'll get back to you on that one. 


  1. Charlotte I totally agree with you Lily Collins has great style, my fave from your pics is the casual outfit in the first picture and that amazing bow shirt in the middle. XOXO, Elif

  2. I love that you did one involving lily collins i am in love with her (and her eyebrows)! The last picture looks amazing, so classy! and the middle one oh man she's so cute. Are huge ribbons a thing? because i would totally support that trend xx

  3. I loooove secretary blouses with huge neckties. unfortunately I look awful and frufru in them but the fact that lily collins can pull it off is on par with her overall amazingness. what a great set of pictures to illustrate her versatility.