Monday, 10 February 2014

It's that time of year again where celebritys come in their hundreds to see all of the latest trends by bagging themselves front row seats to the shows of the biggest designers in the fashion world. 
So far, we've seen the likes of Rita Ora, Anna Kendrick and AnnaSophia Robb interrupting their busy schedules for a chance to get a close up view of the Fall Seasons at New York Fashion Week. 
And of course, we're all nosey and want to see what they're wearing so here is a low down of the Front Row Fashion so far!
A common trend throughout all the lovely front row attendees is patterned / graphic items of clothing - a simple yet very clever way to add that extra "oomth" to a plain outfit and grab peoples eye. Another trend we have seen a lot so far at fashion week is monochrome outfits paired with a bright block colour (e.g. shoes, clutch, statement necklace) which both separates the outfit and makes it a lot more interesting. If these seem too adventurous for you, then have no fear because another trend working its way through the lovely ladies on the front row are elegant midi length dresses in neutral shades - such as soft metallics, peaches and creams.
Watch out for more NYFW posts soon! Happy Fashion Week ladies.


  1. that lady in the third picture has some rocking colors! i love when people mix yellow with black it looks really good. AnnaSophias purse/bag looks rly cute probably because she's also rocking the yellow and black style haha (:
    Do you edit these yourself? You write very professionally (: or at least it sounds like that to me

  2. Rita Ora is all over the place. Whenever I research fashion topics there is a picture of her with a designer or dressed in couture clothing. She must surely have jet lag all of the time but she certainly knows how to rock the trends. Enjoyable post. I would love if you could visit my blog, only if interested, and let me know if you would like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin.


  3. i would give my right eye to be front row at nyfw!! but that metallic pantsuit in the middle? both eyes. i'd be eyeless and blind for that outfit.

  4. Love this! That Rita Ora jacket doe <3333