Friday, 31 January 2014

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i am a huge huge fan of lush and all of their products but one which has become an absolute favourite for me is the space girl bath bomb. i've been through about 5 of these beautys and each time i fall in love just a little bit more than the last. The scent reminds me of old school sweet shops and its so refreshing. Not only that but it turns your bath water a lilac colour which is so lovely. A definate for anyone in need of a pamper night in the bath. 

now its no secret that i am in love with all things body shop, you would only have to look at my room to understand (there are literally body shop products scattered EVERYWHERE, im running out of places to put everything).  although i have and adore everything in the vitamin e range, the gentle facial wash has to be my absolute favourite, i dont ever leave my house without it if i know i am staying overnight. unlike a lot of facial washes i have tried over the years, this one actually removes all of the makeup you are wearing no matter how much or little is on your face. it keeps my face soft and clean whilst also ensuring my skin doesnt go dry during the colder days (which in england is everyday) due to the wheat germ oil inside the product. my skin has definately improved since using this product and it has wormed its way into my every day routine.

i watched this with my girlfriend and i fell in love with it. i'm sure the majority of you have already seen it, but if you haven't i would highly recommend it. it tells the story of a coloured man who gets tricked into being a slave - it explores his life through his 12 years of slavery. the whole cast in just incredible - in particular lupita nyong'o who plays another slave, her performance is simply stunning from the moment she appears on screen until the last scene. the acting from every character is so believable and genuine - one of the many things which makes this movie so incredible. although it may not be to everyones taste, i think it is important that people watch this just so everyone can have a proper insight to how society used to be (and still is in some parts of the world). it is a certain tear jerker but also an eye opener to a subject which is rarely explored in movies from the point of view of slaves. definately worth a watch.

a few years ago, my mum gave me this book and it captured my heart and became one of my all time favourite reads. like most people when a book close to their heart gets turned into a movie, i was sceptical about how it would be portrayed and if it would live up to the amazing writing in the book. much to my delight, the movie was just as wonderful (which is a rarety for me). they truly did the book justice and the casting was spot on. the book and movie is narrated by death and focuses on the life of a young girl called liesel, living in nazi germany, who steals books (if you didnt guess by the title) in order to learn how to read. there is a much bigger plot but i dont want to spoil it for anyone! all you need to know is you need to watch this movie! it made me smile, laugh, cry and squeal in excitement all in one movie. 5 stars from me.

is it just me, or can you tell if you will enjoy a book immediately simply based on the cover? because this is exactly what happened to me when i saw the cover of wonder. without even reading the blurb, i picked it up and bought it. and guess what...i was absolutely right! i read it in one sitting and it was just so powerful and captivating that by the end of the day this book crept its way into my top 5 favourite books of all time.
"my name is august. i wont describe what i look like. whatever youre thinking, its probably worse".
thats it. thats the blurb.
it tells the story of august, a young boy who has many facial deformality and has undergone many surgeries since he was born. it explores his life when he has to go to school and how it is for him (spoiler: not that great). its really heartbreaking but the ending is completely worth the pain. it brought me to tears on several occasions but also made me laugh. when youre reading it, it feels like such a true story from the heart and thats what made me fall in love with it. if anyone is looking for a book to get into, then this is a must must must must read.

my girlfriend introduced me to this album and now i simply cannot stop playing it over and over and over and over... his unique voice makes for a vast array of incredible songs to portray the various moods of the individual songs on this album. download it!

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  1. I love your writing style and i really like your reviews! Your favourites/ things you've been loving/ essentials blog posts are my favourite :) I was never really interested in fashion before but i really enjoy learning something about fashion and clothing from your blog now! Happy birthday Lottie :) xx