Saturday, 4 January 2014

DIY: bottle lamp

I decided to get crafty as I had 5 days off work - this was my first project, I absolutely adore it. Someone on my tumblr requested I make a "how to" after I posted it on Instagram so here goes...


- A glass bottle (A mason jar works just as well), I bought mine from IKEA
- Fairy Lights


- thread your fairy lights though the opening of the bottle
- you can drill a hole at the bottom of your jar for the wires to come out of, but i chose mine to come out of the top
- turn the switch on
- voila. thats it, easy peasy, a 2 minute job at the most

this is a simple and cheap yet lovely idea you can use almost everywhere in your home. the fairy lights are actually strong enough to light a whole room and be used as a lamp, i absolutely adore it. enjoy!

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