Monday, 21 October 2013


When Topshop released these shoes, I knew I HAD to have them. Being a shoe junkie (particulary a cut out shoe junkie), I bought them as soon as I saw them. Priced at £55 each, I purchased the shoes in both avaliable colours - black and also black and white.

What drew me to the Kelso shoes were how they were like a newer, better version of the katz (a topshop popular). Unlike the katz they have 2 straps, a thinner middle joining and a pointed toe. Another difference is the suede heel and toe on the black pair, which I absolutely adore. Now, I already own the katz original in black and white, and the katz2 in black and I can safely say that the Kelso shoes are a million times better quality than the katz2 which Topshop are currently still selling in stores and online. (Side note: The orignal katz are a million times better quality than the katz2).
For those still lusting over the black and white katz who are wanting a visual difference here are the black and white katz against the kelso black and white shoes
(Top: kelso Bottom: katz)

For those considering buying the kelso as an alternative to the katz, i would say DO IT! They are brilliant quality and I have a feeling they will last me a long time and are definitely worth the money.
My only issues with the kelso shoes are that, they fit really tight, so I would possibly size up, though they do feel better and comfier after wearing them often.  The buckles are also incredibly stiff, and when I first wore them it took me about 5 hours to do the buckles up - again, this became less of a problem after I used them more often. Besides that, they are fabulous and I have recieved many compliments wearing them. 

One of the things I love about these shoes are their ability to go with many outfits, i've worn them with skirts, dresses, playsuits and also trousers and jeans.

For those wondering what they look like on here are some visuals:

You can purchase the Kelso boots in black -here-
Or the black and white versions -here

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  1. gorgeous shoes!!! xx