Thursday, 31 October 2013

Things I Have Been Loving OCTOBER

this month i have been loving so many things, lets get this started....


being allergic to most perfumes, it has always been hard for me to find a good alternative that smells nice and lasts as long as regular perfume and alas i have found both of these things in the body shop body mist range. the brazil nut is a personal favourite for me and i have been through 2 of these bottles already since the start of the year. unlike some similar products i have used, these bottles last forever (no, really, i was beginning to wonder whether they actually ended or not)...
it smells like fudge and caramel and its absolutely gorgeous, a definite autumn and winter smell. whenever i wear it i get compliments and the smell lasts throughout the day.
if you're interested in buying this, its your lucky day as the body shop is currently having a sale and selling this at £3.75 per bottle (here) so grab it whilst you can, you won't regret it!


if you have naturally frizzy hair and you straighten and blow dry your hair a lot then THIS IS FOR YOU.
if you have naturally non frizzy hair then im giving you the side eye because on behalf of the rest of us, we envy you. i use this spray before blow drying and it stops it from frizzing and also protects it from the heat, it also makes your hair smell incredible so theres a bonus if i hadn't sold you on it already. it can be used for straightening / curling your hair too - i tend to spray it on and it makes my hair look and feel smooth and healthy, it also makes it ridiculously straight and again works as a heat defence too. i find when i use it my hair stays frizz free all day.
at first i was umm'ing and ahh'ing about buying this as in my experience most products to decrease frizzy hair don't work - but i'm glad i did, and if you suffer with wild frizzy hair then this is for you - you can buy it (here) for £5.89


now its no secret that i adore shoes and as now its getting cold, im stocking up in boots and i've found zara have an incredible range. although pricey, they are stunning and of a brilliant quality. if you're looking to spoil yourself this winter, then zara is the place to go! here are some of my favourites:

you can find the prices and links to all of these boots (here)
side note: i already own some of these boots so look out for a full review of them next week!


if youre like me and spent too much time online shopping but get frustrated about waiting for parcels then asos premier is perfect for you. as someone who buys from asos a lot of the time, asos premier has saved me days of waiting for parcels!  for £9.95 you get a whole year of FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY and if that doesn't make your heart fill with joy then i don't know what will. i know many people who use asos will argue that you get free standard delivery anyway, but this is perfect for those last minute party outfits you need to get to you in time. you also get access to sales earlier than other online users, get free return collections and get exclusive offers. for so much (including not having to wait for parcels - the literal definition of hell), its so so so so so so worth it. so if you're as inpatient and also as online shopping mad as me i would say GO FOR IT!


anyone who knows me will know i have been addicted to american horror story since the first season was aired a few years ago. every year, there is a new season - they have many of the same cast members but each season is a completely new "american horror story", with new characters and a new plot line and time setting - so don't worry about having to catch up on the past series before jumping into this one (although i would recommend watching the first and second series - they're incredible).
this years season has the return of evan peters, taissa farminga, jessica lange and lily rabe. (it even has an appearence from movie star emma roberts who is evan peters irl girlfriend).
this season explores witches, slavery and voodoo. it's only a few episodes in but i am already love love loving it, i look forward to it every week and it always keeps me captivated. if you can i would definately recommend watching it!

and im not passing up the chance to add this gif from the new season here

have a wonderful halloween!

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  1. im going to the nearest body shop and check out that scent. i have one body shop perfume/bodymist thing i think and its so so so good and should go buy another one since i broke the first one haha i can't spray it anymore i have to take the thing out and just apply it straight to the skin. You seem to have a SUPER good clothes taste like i can imagine how well dressed you look. I hope you would one day post a ootd even though i know you're not sure if you will. Just so you know, I'm rooting for that (: