Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn / Winter Essentials

If theres one thing you should know about me, it's that I love the colder seasons. I live for the days where I can wear the ugliest sweater known to man and still be seen as fashionable. I live for bitter cold mornings with long walks and hot drinks and acoustic music.
Here are my top autumn / winter essentials.

i'm just going to go ahead and say it...
i'm addicted to ugly christmas sweaters.

this is one that i actually bought recently (i went the extra mile further and bought a matching one for me and my girlfriend...i know, i'm sorry).
one of the best things about cold weather is getting to layer layer layer, and jumpers and wooly cardigans are a must - so stock up on some warm cuddly numbers.


now it's no secret that in winter, especially in England, snow likes to make an appearence and there is nothing worse than not being prepared. No really, you end up on your bottom because your shoes have no grip on the ice...I know that from experience. So this year, I am prepared. Earlier this month I bought a pair of boots from h&m

being padded, these boots are sooo warm and sooo comfy. being only just over £30, they were a bargain and were well worth the buy, if only to stop me having a bruised bum in months to come. 


being addicted to shoes as much as i am, it always comes as a shock to people when they realise i would much rather wear socks over shoes at any given opportunity. primark constantly come to my rescue with their "cosy socks" range. priced at only £2, these socks are literally the love of my life. i tell no lie when i say i have over 20 pairs of these socks. to put it simply, it is like putting your feet into a bath of cotton wool balls and you should buy them should you ever come across a primark store. (i am absolutely willing to buy them for you if you don't live in the uk as i feel awfully sorry for you not being able to understand how putting these on your feet feels like literally heaven on a cold night)


now let me tell you something - if you dont spend at least one night snuggled up in blankets, with a lovely smelling candle and some music playing in the background, curled around a good book then you are missing out, but don't worry, i'm here to help you out.

first things first, you can buy a candle at almost every store in existence, so sniff around and find one you love. a particular favourite of mine is the vanilla and coconut candles you can find in primark for as little as £2. once you find one you like, you're a third of the way towards a perfect night in.

next, we need a good book to read. here are some of my personal favourites:

(from left to right)
the fault in our stars - john green
life of pi - yann martel
memoirs of an imaginary best friend - matthew green
eleanor and park - rainbow rowell

good read = tick,
moving onto the music.

there is nothing i love more than acoustic music, and i have made 2 playlists for your pleasure to enjoy on your night in:

click -HERE- to listen to Unplugged.
 1. ed sheeran and passenger - no diggity/thrift shop (mashup cover) // 2. the temper trap - trembling hands (acoustic) // 3. young the giant - apartment (in the open sessions) // 4. bastille - daniel in the den (acoustic) // 5. passenger - patient love (acoustic) // 6. foster the people - pumped up kicks (acoustic) // 7. the vaccines - wetsuit (nokia n8 summer sessions) // 8. radiohead - creep (acoustic) // 9. ed sheeran - empire state of mind (acoustic cover) // 10. nina nesbitt - chocolate (in the live lounge) // 11. passenger - lifes for the living (acoustic) // 12. lana del rey - carmen (acoustic) // 13. the morning benders - excuses (yours truly session) // 14. the xx - angels (live in tokyo) // 15. the naked and famous - young blood (slow version) 

click -HERE- to listen to Sweater Weather
 1. the neighbourhood - say my name/cry me a river (acoustic cover) // 2. will heard and cara delevingne - sonnentanz/sun dont shine (acoustic cover) // 3. arthur garros - niggas in paris (acoustic cover) // 4. ed sheeran - hit me baby one more time (acoustic cover) // 5. twenty one pilots - cant stop falling in love (acoustic cover) // 6. gabrielle aplin - best song ever (acoustic cover) // 7. ed sheeran - sunburn (acoustic) // 8. arctic monkeys - suck it and see (acoustic) // 9. passenger - beneath your beautiful (acoustic cover) // 10. the neighbourhood - sweater weather (acoustic) // 11. alt j - tessellate (acoustic amazing session) // 12. ellie goulding - i need your love (acoustic) // 13. ed sheeran - wake me up (acoustic) // 14. kind charles - ivory road (acoustic) // 15. matt corby - brother (acoustic)


one of the best parts of colder months is undoubtedly coat shopping.
this year, i chose a black coat from new look, it was love at first sight.

this year the coat range in most stores are absolutely wonderful, what a time to be alive. here are some of my favourites from each store.


view prices -here-


prices -here-

Moving on - I bought a black bobble hat from marks and spencers, it is really thick and looks wonderful. 
(this photo is taken from my instagram, i am too lazy to take a photo of it by itself, i'm sorry, i am)
side note: if you're wondering, the shirt and bag are from h&m

And there you have it, my autumn / winter essentials, i hope you love these as much as i do.

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