Friday, 17 May 2013

Things I'm loving April/May

Unfortunately, due to my camera and iPod touch breaking i've been unable to post for a while. I still have no camera, but i'm going to attempt to make this work. So here are all of my favourites from the past month and a bit.

                                          1. EYEKO SKINNY LIQUID EYELINER
As you all know, I am a liquid eyeliner fiend! I find it really hard to find an eyeliner I like and this is one I have been absolutely LOVING for the past few months. As you can see in the picture, the eyeliner itself is not much dissimilar to a regular felt tip marker pen. This familar shape means that the eyeliner is sturdy and easy to apply. The tip itself is firm without being too hard and dragging the skin. I had my reservations about the product as I wasnt sure how long it would last or how easy the eyeliner would come from the nip of the product but it works amazingly, i've used the same pen for around 3 months and it has only just started running out (thats after using it about  2 times a day). A great amount of liquid comes out and i very rarely have to use more than one line to ensure its solid black. My favourite thing about this product is its ability to stay put even when youre having  a busy sweaty day! unlike some eyeliners where throughout the day you may get some eyeliner smudges above your eyelids (we've all been there), this has never been a problem with this eyeliner for me, it looks the same when i come home as when I leave the house! I would definately recommend this eyeliner, especially for someone who rushes in the morning and wants an eyeliner which is applied quickly and doesn't alter during the day!

Pamper nights are a little something which I have been adoring for the past month. Here's what you do!

Step 1: Choose a night - this can be any night of the week, I usually do mine on a friday!
Step 2: Make a relaxing playlist! (here is mine)
Step 3: Prepare a body scrub (or if you have a ready made one, place that near the bath) - (here is the homemade recipe I use)
Step 4: Run a nice hot bath, use bubble bath if you'd like, light some candles, put on your playlist and soak!
Step 5: Apply your scrub and follow (these instructions)
Step 6: relax and enjoy your playlist!
Step 7: once you're out of the bath, moisturise moisturise moisturise! put on your jimjams and read a book or watch tv. paint your nails! call a friend! do whatever relaxes you and then have a nice early night!

3. Book Rec: MY JAMES

Before I start, I would like to point out that this book ISN'T FOR EVERYONE!! The book tells the memoirs of Ralph Bulgers life before, during and after the kidnapping and murder of his 2 year old son. Unless you live under a rock you’re probably familiar with the story of James Bulger - A 2 year old boy who was led out of some shops by two 10 year old boys who escorted him for miles to a railway track where they proceeded to beat him, throw bricks at his face and play with his exposed brain, force him to drink paint, mutilated his genitals and then left him on the rail track where he was cut in half by a passing train. The case was not only notorious because of the nature of the crime but also because of the age of the criminals. Being only 10, there has been decades worth of debate about whether they knew what they were doing and should be punished for the crime and the case also caused a lot of public uproar about how they were released when they were only 18 and given anonymity for the rest of their life to live in the public without getting avenged (One of the men was taken back to prison after violent child pornography was found on his computer). Ralph (the boys father) talks about this is more detail and it’s a very interesting insight into how the government deals with cases like this (badly).

Now I know this isn’t for everyone but for someone like me who is interested in murder cases and enjoys learning about things like this it’s wonderful and very insightful and also heartbreaking. I really would recommend it.

4. TV SHOW RECS: Dexter and Broadchurch

 Dexter is a show I have been meaning to watch for YEARS but never got around to it! I started watching it 2 weeks ago and watched all 7 series in a few days (pretty sad, huh?). The TV show follows Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who works as a blood splatter analyst for miami police department. I can't go too into it without spoiling anything, but it's a very interesting show, its humerous at times, it can even be a little scary at some points. In all honesty, a few of the series seemed a little dull to me (in particular 2 and 3) but they were still watchable and definately worth sticking through for some of the later series which were AMAZING! 

Broadchurch is another show I had been meaning to watch but never got around to, i'm only halfway through the series now, but I AM HOOKED! the show is about a murder case in a small town called Broadchurch. The show features doctor who starts David Tennant (there is also an appearence from Rory Williams! ahem, i mean arthur darvill). The plot is wonderful and you literally get hooked from the first few minutes. Loving it!

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