Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Baragains I loved - March 2013 - herbal essences bee strong hair mask and backcombing brush

due to a) lack of money and b) lack of time to try new products this list is unfortunately going to be short but here are a list of bargains i found this month which i lovelovelove
firstly is a brush that i think is an essential - a backcombing brush - the one i and my friends use is the primark one for £1! ONE POUND!! It's such a bargain and works so well. even if you dont get on with it, you havent lost out on a huge amount of money.  i use this almost every day to poof my fringe and the bristles are still in good condition.

 the next product i grabbed in my local tesco for £2.99. its the herbal essences bee strong strengthening intensive mask for hair
you only have to use this once a week to produce results and i absolutely adore it
the first great thing about this product is that it smells AMAZING - the smell stays as well ive learnt, so when i wake up in the morning the day after my hair always smells gorgeous. it smells slightly like honey, very sweet but not too strong.
the tub lasts a long time, ive used this for about a month and a half - once a week and as you can see there is still a lot left in the tub, its a very good size.
the consistency is very thick but very silky and you do not have to use a lot as it spreads very easily across the hair.
i usually leave it in whilst im shaving or washing my body and then wash it out after.
when i comb my hair after my shower my hair is silky and smooth and doesnt need untangling.
after drying, you can tell the difference - my hair is a lot less frizzy, softer and nicer smelling. would definately reccomend, especially at such a small price.


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