Sunday, 10 March 2013

Product Review: L'oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster

as someone who wears winged eyeliner basically every second of her life, finding a good liquid eyeliner which isnt too costly can be fairly hard. it was yesterday when i was looking for a new eyeliner when i came across this product in superdrug and i fell in love. ive had similar marker pen style liquid eyeliners before but none had had nibs as thick as this. it looks easy to apply and i was happy to spend £6.99 on it.

 that was until i got home and actually tried the product. although the nib is very thick and feels as though it should be easy to apply, the line produced is actually very thin and not neat at all. i was shocked at how little came out of the pen and actually had to go over the line about 3 times to even get a solid look. i gave it the benefit of the doubt and took it back to the store and asked for a new one incase it had just dried out but alas i got home and the new one had the exact same problem.i figured it must have something on the bottom to squeeze or something to produce more ink going to the nib but nothing! to illustrate just how little eyeliner comes out i will show you it in comparison to various other liquid eye liners i have including one which is actually running out (the blackbuster is the one circled!)

as you can imagine, trying to apply eyeliner with that little coming out at a time is frustrating but even more so when the nib is really really hard and uncomfortable across such a sensitive area of thin skin - the fact its so hard and not smooth meant the line produced on the actual eye was bumpy and all over the place even when used with a really steady hand. it smudged the moment i got it on and was terrible to produce wings with - i did try a few times but was dissapointed each time.

here is the result in comparison to how my eyeliner usually looks (this is using around 3/4 layers of eye liner)
left: normal eyeliner + right: super liner blackbuster

you can see that the line is nowhere as neat and looks like a child drew it on. the fact that it took me about 4 layers to reach that blackness whereas the first eyeliner took me one frustrates me and definately puts me off this product.
overall, i am extremely dissapointed and expected more from this product what a shame!


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  1. That's really useful info -
    from one winged eyeliner addict to another

    Thank you for writing and illustrating so clearly.