Sunday, 15 October 2017

9 things you can do to make the world a better place this winter.

With the new year fast approaching (can you believe we are in October already!), people will be thinking what their new years resolution will be, but why wait until January to do something worthwhile. Here are nine things you can do this winter which will make the world just a little bit better.

1. Do a reverse advent calender, any month of the year!

The idea of a reverse advent calender is that once a day for a month you fill a box or bag with one item you have in your household that you have no use for. Be it (in date!) food, used clothing, books, magazines or even homeware goods, pop it in the box and at the end of the month take your stash to different places who could benefit from them. This could be a local hospital, local school, children's home, charity shop... the options are endless).

2. Go to your local beach and collect any litter you can find on the beach and in the water along the shore
If possible, recycle the items you collect. Litter pollution in our seas is a huge problem - there are around 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the seas and oceans (!!!). Even though fall/winter isn't a prime time for people to visit the beaches I guarantee you will still find discarded cigarette butts, plastic wrappers and cans at any beach you visit.
Take an afternoon to your nearest beach and see what you can find and remove from the shores. Although it might not seem like you're doing enough to help on a larger scale, if everyone did this every so often we could prevent the plastic debris building up even more. This reduces injuries and deaths of the wildlife and reduces pollution of our waters. We only have one earth and now is the time to start taking care of it.

3. Invest in a recyclable toothbrush.
Plastic, as I mentioned before, is a huge portion of our waste pollution on earth. In the US, over a billion toothbrushes are discarded and left in landfills every year. Toothbrushes, like all plastic, can't be recycled and end up accounting for 50 million pounds of waste per year in America ALONE.
Luckily, there are many great companies online who make biodegradable toothbrushes which create zero waste and are a perfect alternative to store bought ones!
A few options:
- ZeroWasteClub
- EnvironmentalToothbrush
- GivingBrush

4. Send thank you cards to your local services.
Services are especially busy this year. Take some time to thank them for their work and send them a little thank you card or note so they know that they're appreciated. A quick google search will help you find the addresses of your local hospitals, nursing homes, charities, suicide hotlines, children's homes and any other people you'd like to thank.

5. Purchase a recyclable coffee cup!
Are you someone who visits a coffee store every day and gets a drink in a disposable coffee cup? Minimise your waste and buy a reusable coffee cup or flask to use. Simply take it with you in the mornings and ask them to fill your cup up instead of their disposable ones. Although you may feel silly doing it at first, not only are you reducing the waste you create but you're also saving the coffee shops money. Win-win.

6.  Invest in a cloth bag to take grocery shopping with you.

Most times when you're shopping for groceries whether it be in a supermarket or a market stall, you tend to get given your fruit/veg/other fresh produce in plastic baggies. As we all know by now, plastic = not good, so invest in a cloth bag you can carry in your bag and reuse as many times as you like.
Some options online:
- WildHempBag
- EcoFoodBags
- Adnil Boutique

7. Volunteer
This may seem like a really obvious option, but one that most people forget about. I know a lot of people are strapped for time with juggling work, family and life in general, but if you happen to have any days free its always nice to lend a hand to those who most need it. Perhaps there is a soup kitchen nearby you could spare an hour of your time to help prep or serve food. Maybe there is a non profit art group in town who meet up once a month looking for someone to organise activities or assistance. The opportunities really are endless and varies from town to town. Even sparing an hour of your time once a month can make a huge difference for people who run and use these services. is a great place to look for volunteer work in your local area if you're based in the UK.

8. Pay for the person behind you in line at a coffee shop. Remember back in 2013 when a stranger decided to pay for the person behind them in line which created a 3 day long pay-it-forward chain? Kindness pays off and a simple act like this is something which could really impact sometimes day and mood. Sure, no ones expecting it to be anything like that incident where over 1000 people ended up joining in. Perhaps it will just extend to you buying the guy behind you a latte, but if you can impact even one persons day then it makes it all worth it.

9. Finally... Be kind to your retail assistants, your servers, your uber driver....EVERYONE!
Remember when your mother used to tell you that manners cost nothing? There have never been truer words. My pet hate is people who are rude to servers at restaurants. Whether they are a mcdonalds employee or hired at a high end bistro, these are people just trying to live their lives and make ends meet and there is no need to be rude.
This extends to everyone you may meet - just smile and be nice. Treat people with dignity and respect. Put love into the world and love will come back to you.

Lottie xx

Thursday, 5 October 2017

"147 Things" by Jim Chapman: A Review

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for the purpose of reviewing the product, however all opinions, views and thoughts are solely my own.

Before we dive into this review I want to address what most of you are probably thinking. I know, I know, a youtuber book?! I'll be the first to admit that I've always been sceptical about them too... It's tough not knowing if they were even written by the author, sometimes they seem like a fast way to make more money or something else to the same effect.
Which is why i'd like to invite you all to join me in leaving all of your preconceptions here.

"147 Things" as i'm sure you have probably figured out by now is written by Jim Chapman, who, by the way, has a hell of an impressive resume. Jim is a youtuber, blogger, presenter, part time model, ambassador, GQ's best dressed man in Britain circa 2015 and now author! (which, lets be honest, is pretty impressive juggling all of those jobs as well as having a personal life. Especially considering sometimes I don't shower or go out for like...3 days) Mad respect.

Jim is someone who I have admired for a long time for his insane work ethic, great fashion and general wit and personality, which is why I was so delighted when I was given the chance to read his book and review it for my blog.

The best way to explain the concept and content of 147 Things is to use a quote straight from Jim found on the back of the book which reads, "I wanted to write a book about how exceptional, fascinating and bloody strange this thing we call life is".
The topics range from the odds of you existing to the tale Jim regrettably deciding to wax his ballsack (really!).
So in summary: If you're someone who loves learning random facts that you can relay at gatherings, questioning life itself and hilarious anecdotes then this is the book for you.

Scattered throughout the pages are doodles upon doodles by Jim himself. Here you can see a few of the illustrations which I was lucky enough to be sent prints of  along with my copy (which I will most definitely be placing around my home, look how adorable they are!).  I personally think it adds such a lovely personal touch to the book and love that he drew them himself rather than hiring an artist to do them. The majority are really funny too.

I managed to read the entirety of the book within about 3 hours, it was what i'd call an easy read, but one that really makes you think. I appreciated that there are some hilarious anecdotes within the facts, giving your brain a chance to digest the information better and not get bombarded to the point where it just starts shutting down.
Jims unique personality really shines through the pages, making you giggle into the book. He has always been an open person but his brutal honesty really makes the book special; from sharing stories about why he is estranged from his father to when his step father passed from cancer. These tales can
really pull on  the heartstrings especially when you can relate which I feel a lot of readers will be able to (don't worry its not a doom and gloom book!).

I would really recommend this book to pretty much everybody and anybody, it really does cater to a wide audience. I wouldn't personally give it an age limit although if you're a parent looking to buy it for a younger child I would warn that there is swearing and as mentioned earlier an anecdote about his testicles. Apart from that, you're golden.

If audiobooks are more your thing then have no fear as there is a link to one at the end of the post which includes an exclusive Q&A with Jim himself.

In honour of 147 Things, here are 2 lists of 5 things (I would have done 147 but quite frankly i'm too lazy) (sorry) (not sorry).

5 things I did whilst I was reading 147 things; a mini fist bump when my hometown Loughborough was mentioned, skipped a section about exercise because I was eating leftover Papa John's pizza, checked Jim's Instagram to look at his dog when he talked about him, pretended not to read the title of a chapter "The 5 second rule doesn't exist, don't eat off the floor", ended up googling a whole website of phobias after reading Jim's list at the end of a section about the phobia of belly buttons (did you know Allodoxphobia is the fear of opinions?).

5 of my favourite parts of 147 things; learning new facts (did you know a study found out that when given a task to do whilst an unread email is in front of you your IQ drops by 10!), how Jim acknowledges the fact that mental health amongst the younger generation is rampant (in fact it has risen by 70% in the last 25 years), the doodles (the puppy love one shown in the above photo specifically, I want 100 of them), Jims funny (but sweet) anecdotes about his wife and finally how he was unapologetically himself in every way possible.



Jims Instagram | Jims youtube channel | Audiobook with Exclusive Q&A
And of course click here to purchase the book!

Thank you as always for visiting my blog!
Stay safe and happy reading!
Lottie xx

Monday, 2 October 2017

Is it worth it? Subscription Box: Friction Free Shaving

If you're an active user of pretty much any social media platform then chances are you've heard and/or seen the subscription box "Friction Free Shaving" or "FFS", a monthly box who send you a razor, a new razor head for every week and optional (£6 extra per month might I add, ouch) shaving cream.

If you're anything like me (or my friends who commented when they saw the box lying around) sitting here saying "I don't even shave enough to need to change my blade every week" then join the club. Luckily FFS offers the option to "skip a month" on blades for as long as you like, or until you feel you need a new one. Which thinking about it kind of defeats the object of the product, oops. Still an option for us lazy gals though.
However, for the sake of a good old fashioned experiment I'm here to find out "Is this really worth it" Subscription Box Edition #1.

So here is FFS's reasoning on why you should change your blade every week... In their words "A fresh blade every week prevents 'ugly rashes and shaving bumps'". Sounds fair enough I don't think I can really argue there so lets jump into what they can offer us in their monthly packages and what you should expect.

FFS offers 2 different razors at different price points.
Both apparently have "perfectly sharp blades coated with friction reducing carbon, full 90 degrees pivot head, a strip of vitamin E above the blades and a styling bikini blade built into the back". So whats different about the two?

1. "Frankie" - The cheaper plastic option, there are only 3 blades however. This initially costs £5/month
2.Rose - A pricier option consisting of a rose gold chrome plated handle to prevent rust and 6 blades on the razor. Initially this costs £9/month

Now that that's out of the way, lets get into the review...
I received "Rose", engraved with my name (which I'm in love with), I opted for the whole set including the shave cream.
I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived, everything looked very fancy in the box and even included a blade cover which I didn't realise came as part of the package. The lid of the box also had printed on it a shaving interpretation of Craig David's song "7 days" which unashamedly instantly made me more interested in the product. (2000's songs are my weakness okay).
If you can't see it on the picture, it reads "Met this blade on Monday, took it for a ride on Tuesday. We were feeling smooth on Wednesday, and on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. I changed my blade on Sunday".

My first impressions of the shaver handle itself was that it is fairly heavy, but ergonomically it feels great. The rubber on the base of the handle is really soft to the touch and really does make it easy to grip especially in the shower. Of course, it looks stunning and the rose gold really makes you feel like you're using a razor a lot more expensive than it actually is.

I want to say the razors are easy to put onto the handle but it took me at least 5 minutes to work out how to do it, but then again you're talking to someone who uses google to find out how long to boil an egg for... every time. Once I got the hang of it it was smooth sailing from there.

Once assembled it was time to put the razors to the test.

I think the stand out feature of the razors for me was the lubricating strips built into the blade heads. Unlike a lot of razors I've tried over the years, whilst using the FFS shaver you can actually feel the product onto your skin as you shave and makes it such a smoother and nicer experience.

Over the times I've used it, you can definitely feel the strip disintegrate as its used each time which means sometimes the top of the blade can get a little gunky the next time you open it to use. However, I don't feel like it actually effected the way the blades work in any way which is always a positive thing.

The blades themselves do live up to the hype and give a really nice close shave which surprised me as I admittedly wasn't expecting a lot in terms of them working anywhere near as well as the shavers I usually use regularly.

Lets talk shaving cream. As I mentioned early FFS offer a tube of shave cream for an extra £6/per month. Incentives? On the website they describe the shaving cream as a manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil blend which reduces friction for a closer shave and smoother skin. I was sold as soon as I saw that the product is certified cruelty free.

To be completely honest, I don't rate the shaving cream very much. It smells absolutely delicious and leaves my skin feeling soft but the cons for me outweigh the pros. For starters, unlike a lot of shaving creams it doesn't really spread out well around the skin which means you have to use a lot of product every time you shave. Its also clear on application so you cant really see where you've shaved and where you haven't (especially when you're shaving your legs). I also feel for the extra price each month you could probably find something cheaper for the same quality or something for a similar price and quality but in a larger quantity. I do think its something i'll keep for when I want an extra nice pamper night, but until then i'll probably stick to my good ole' regular cream, sorry ffs!

Have any of you tried the FFS boxes? What did you think?

Not sure? Try for yourself!

Stay safe,
Lottie xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Shop The Trend: White Shoes

From street style to catwalk, pristine white shoes are seen on the feet of many fashionistas. 
Whether they're in the form of heels, wedges or boots, they look fabulous on anyone. And the best thing about white shoes? They go with absolutely everything whether you're in a monochrome get up or looking darn cute in a pretty floral dress. 
Shop the trend now with some of my top picks below.


1. Windsor Smith - £35.25 (buy here)

      2. Topshop - £35.00 (buy here)
       3. Topshop - £34.00 (buy here)

        4. Forever21 - £25.00 (buy here)

    5. ASOS - £40.00 (buy here)
   6. ASOS - £75.00 (buy here)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Weeks Top Picks: Homeware

With spring and summer awaiting, we're all updating our wardrobes so why not your homeware too.
Fashion and homeware has come together beautifully with all of the pastel home accessories on sale at the moment and has extended my ongoing love for all things in sorbet shades and chalky hues. Viva la pastel's. 
A beautiful home leads to a beautiful mind, so head to the shop and revamp your space.
For some inspiration I have compiled some of my top picks. From candles to cushions, make your home feel fashionable and elegant with these stunning items.

I Heart Dogs Cushion (£25.40) - Romy + Jacob @ Nordstrom (buy here)
Egg Cup set of 3 Candles (£14.00) - Laura Ashley (buy here)
Scented Candle "Pretty and Witty" (£25.40) - Kate Spade @ Nordstrom (buy here)
Printed Bag (£150) - Prada (buy here)
Bunny Stapler (£10) - Topshop (buy here)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Model Talks: Jasmine Rutledge

Jasmine Rutledge literally has the world at her fingertips already at the age of 18. Signed with NEXT models (Miami and London), Jasmine's career has sky rocketed and is already modelling for high end brands such as Stella McCartney as well as smaller brands such as JC Penny's and Motive Cosmetics. Not only does she get to live her childhood dream of modelling, Jasmine gets to travel the world to do photo shoots. She really is living the dream. With aspirations to be a VS angel and more modelling jobs than I can count, she is definitely a face to look out for.
I recently got the chance to talk to the wonder herself and ask her a few questions.

Who have you modelled for?
With modeling, So far i've worked for Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la renta, Stella McCartney and more.

What is the best experience you've had so far in your modelling career?
My best experience thus far was living in Cape Town, South Africa. I want to go back so bad, it's so beautiful. 

What is the best part of your job?
The best part is that it doesn't even feel like a job.

What is the worst part of your job?
Waking up really early!

Whats your dream modelling job?
My dream job is becoming a (Victoria's Secret) angel, one day. 

Have you got any tips for readers who may want to get a career in modelling?
Be confident! Be yourself, and don't give up. With modeling you'll hear more "no" than "yes" .

Have you always wanted to be a model?
I have actually, it's kinda cool that I'm living my dream. 

You have to travel a lot for your job, where is the best place you've been to?
The best place is South Africa, but in the states - Chicago. Both so amazing.

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
Zayn Malik! God, he's so beautiful.

Who do you look up to in the modelling world?
I look up to Karlie Kloss, she's such an inspiration and I can only strive to be as great as her. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Above: My Grabble Page

If like me you like having all of your favourite and most lusted products in one place then Grabble is definitely the site for you! How does it work? I'm glad you asked! By signing up (don't worry, it's free) you can download a free "grab" button which you can click any time you see something you love on the internet. You can keep them all in one Wishlist or, like me, you can create several sub categories (to separate clothes, accessories, shoes, make up or anything else you would like to add!). Once you click the button it goes straight into your personal Grabble wishlist which you can admire any time you want. It's really that simple! As you can see below, you can choose one of your collections to add your chosen item to upon clicking the button. It's super easy to use and so handy if you're bookmarks are starting to look a little too full.

One feature I absolutely adore about Grabble which sets it apart from the rest is that they notify you when items in your wishlists go on sale! So handy for those who have their eye on something but can't quite justify paying full price for it or those who just fancy treating themselves every once in a while. 
Upon signing up you receive a free £10 voucher for a store of your choice out of the options available (you can choose from a variety of stores such as Motel Rocks, Love Fashion and Rubbersole). 
If you're struggling with what too add to your personal online shopping list then Grabble homepage has a variety of gorgeous items which are trending and are currently on offer.
Grabble is definitely the future of internet shopping and I for one LOVE IT.
Get an account today at
My Grabble account if you want a cheeky snoop:

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


If you're looking for a unique statement jewellery item to show off then look no further than the Bee Whimsy online store! With items for every occasion there truly is something for everyone.
There is a selection of  high quality earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings available to buy with more to come soon.
If you love her store as much as I do you have the option to sign up to receive a box of goodies every single month! That's right, every month you will get a box with a unique selection of earrings delivered right to your doorstop.
With this store, I can guarantee you will always be respected as a customer and will be given the best customer service possible. 
Perfect for parties, weddings or even just to glam up your every day outfits!
To celebrate the launch of the designers new website I will be giving away every stunning item you see in this post, look out for the details at the end!

These eye catching earrings are a wonderful statement piece to glam up an outfit and make yourself feel fabulous. The metallic colour scheme will compliment anything from a little black dress to a knitted jumper and skinny jeans combo. 

This stunning rose gold necklace is an absolute beauty. The contrasting rose gold and black chain creates an edgy vibe to the necklace whilst keeping its elegance. A unique, versatile, well made piece which is a must for your jewellery stand!

This elegant necklace is my absolute favourite out of the selection I was sent. The pearls incorporated onto a thin golden chain is a simple yet ingenious idea and looks incredible.  It's versatility is simply endless - you can wear it with literally anything and add glamour to every single outfit you own. Like they say, three is better than one and that's definitely true on this occasion, the three tiers will ensure style all day every day.

A necklace fit for a princess, literally. The black chain contrasting with the rose gold crown gives the necklace an edgier vibe and adds a kick to any daily outfit. The crystal gem encased in the crown and the smaller ones fitted around the rim will add a sparkle to even the worst of your days. A perfect slip on accessory to add last minute glitz to your outfit.


Now for the really fun part...!
If you loved the items shown in this blog post then you're in luck because i'm giving them all away to my lovely readers. For a chance to win comment below stating your favourite item along with either your blog url, your email or your twitter so I can contact you if you win to get your detals and send them on your way, its really that simple.
I will Ship worldwide!

If there's another item you have your eye on over at the Bee Whimsy website then enjoy this 25% off discount code at the check out provided by the owner themselves: 126521FT 

Check out the Bee Whimsy store -here- NOW!

Giveaway ends April 1st 2014.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

If you haven't heard about the wonder who is Jameela Jamil then please do let me fill you in. At 27 years old, Jameela has conquested almost every industry in existence. Although most known as a radio presenter, Jameela also has experience of being a blogger, teacher, photographer, model and tv presenter under her belt.

Not only is she multi-talented, she is always looking so darn good.
Renowned for her twist to the grunge / rock chick look,  she  manages to make the style her own by incorporating leather items into feminine outfits topped with bright red lipstick. Her long legs and long hair are envied by girls everywhere and play a big part in her appeal and her quirky style is refreshing and an inspiration to me and many other girls worldwide.

The key behind putting an outfit together which looks as good as these? Miss Jamil herself has said "For me, the key is Quirky and Comfort" (especially for Fashion Show outfits). 

Friday, 14 February 2014

New York fashion week is by far the most exciting yet craziest and busiest weeks in the industry. With it coming towards the end lets take a look book at my favourite collections so far.


No matter the season, you are always guaranteed to see a bright, fun and extravagant collection from Kate Spade, and she definitely did not disappoint us this week. With floral and leopard print incorporated into her colourful designs, Kate has brightened up fall and made it exciting. From embellished sweatshirts to candy pink cigarette pants to floral print blouses there is definitely something for everyone in this collection.
Although I adore the clothes, her creative and quirky accessories definitely stole the show for me. With everything from a chinese take out box bag to fan clutch, Kate managed to transform her clutch bags into a chinese wonderland. Love it!


This seasons Alice + Olivia collection definately pulled out all the stops - the mystical backdrops and dark designs mirrored that of an old fashioned fairytale. The collection showcased a variety of victorian-esque items alongside more modern fashion pieces which created a wonderful overall look. The influence for the presentation brought everyone back to their childhood as Disney characters such as Rapunzel and Cruella DeVil were seen incorporated into the designs. Metallics and fur alongside black items of clothing kept the overall look sophisticated and feminine. Such a creative way to display a collection.


Elie always provides us with casual yet sophisticated outfits for every season. The inspiration for the collection was  "Lightness through the darkness. Only through the darkness is when we can see the light",  which was beautifully demonstrated with the use of clear umbrellas as a background contrasted by the dark autumn / winter ensembles.
Some outfits are emphasized with a dash of a bright colour to make them more lively, although most of the outfits are neutral in colour with black and grey as the main theme. The collection is great for the modern day woman as it is comfy, wearable and stylish all in one. From chunky hand crotched sweaters to beautiful statement coats and jackets, Elie has once again given us practical, stunning clothing and footwear to keep us warm whilst looking fab this season.